CFTP Training Program

Earn the vendor-independent secure file transfer and managed file transfer certification recognised on four continents and CPD Certified.
Follow the video lessons with your study guide and you will be prepared for the examination as all the answers will be found inside.

For the examination, you will have up to three tries to score at least 80% on a randomised 60-question exam in 90 minutes.
The examination is open book.
Upon passing you can download or print your certificate.

Online self paced training

Certification available

Video or study guide, learn your way

Full lifetime access

Can be completed in 5 hours

Created by file transfer experts

Course Content

Introduction to CFTP and Download Study Guide

Quick overview of the CFTP program.

Lesson 1: Managed File Transfer Concepts

Module includes the following

  • When and when not to use MFT
  • Clients and servers – what are the differences?
  • How different protocols provide data at rest and data in motion
  • Introduction into encryption, hashing and PKI, with practical examples
  • Overview of IPv4 and IPv6 and how changes may affect MFT.

Lesson 2: Basic Protocols

Explains how the commonly used file transfer protocols operate

  • FTP and FTPS – what they are, how they work
  • Active versus Passive mode
  • Implicit versus Explicit mode
  • How SFTP works and why you might want to use it.
  • Key and certificate authentication

Lesson 3: Advanced Protocols

Examines other protocols that may be used

  • HTTP, HTTPS, advanced web-based file transfers and WebDAV – how and where you would use each one
  • Email protocols
  • NDM (Connect:DIRECT).

Lesson 4: Applicability Statement Protocols

Takes the mystique out of the AS* protocols.

  • Detailed review of AS1, AS2 & AS3
  • Synchronous versus Asynchronous
  • MDNs

Lesson 5: Accelerated File Transfer

Covers UDP-based file acceleration and related techniques for transferring large files quickly.

  • Why UDP is preferable over TCP for large transfers
  • Multi-threading

Lesson 6: File Synchronization and Sharing

Dives into the fastest growing segment of MFT

  • End user transfers with email plugins
  • Collaboration spaces in MFT systems

Lesson 7: "At Rest" Encryption

Encryption outside of SFTP or SSL:

  • Symmetric versus Asymmetric encryption
  • OpenPGP & SMIME
  • Key exchanges
  • “Zip” encryption

Lesson 8: File Transfer Operations

Exploration of the less well defined areas of MFT

  • Troubleshooting transfer
  • Service level agreements
  • Workflows
  • Scheduling and triggers

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