Sample Exam Questions

The Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) examination consists of 60 multiple choice questions that must be answered in a 90 minute period. This article discusses a few types of questions you may expect.

Simple Fact-Based Questions

Many of the questions on the CFTP exam test your ability to recall basic facts about file transfer protocols and operations.  For example:

The TCP port most commonly used to establish “implicit” FTPS (SSL/TLS) control connections is?

  • A. 21
  • B. 22
  • C. 443
  • D. 990

In this case, the correct answer is readily available to anyone who is familiar with the CFTP Study Guide’s “Protocol Selection Guide”.

Best Answer Questions

Many questions on the CFTP exam also depend on your ability to find the best answer or clearest path to a common problem.  For example:

If your end users can open TCP connections on port 2121 to your FTP server but none of them can authenticate, you should:
  • A. check the connection from your FTP server to your user database
  • B. check your IP lockouts
  • C. inquire about any port-blocking rules on the end users’ network
  • D. Reset each users’ password

In this case, all actions are possible troubleshooting or resolution items, but only one fits the facts of the case.  A careful reading of the CFTP Study Guide’s Troubleshooting Guide would help you arrive at the correct answer.

Flow Questions

Finally, some questions on the CFTP exam require you to understand and interpret a diagram that describes a workflow and its critical elements.  For example:

What should an administrator have when setting up an SMIME (asymmetric-based) decryption or encryption operation with someone else?
  • A. His/her company’s private and public keys, and the other party’s PUBLIC key.
  • B. His/her company’s private and public keys, and the other party’s private and public keys.
  • C. His/her company’s PUBLIC key, and the other party’s PUBLIC key.
  • D. His/her company’s PRIVATE key, and the other party’s PRIVATE key.

In this last case, the answer requires you to know how asymmetric encryption and decryption operations work.  Fortunately, there are several diagrams in the CFTP Study Guide that cover this case.

The CFTP Exam Study Guide

Excerpts from the the official Certified File Transfer Professional are available from the CFTP Study Guide page.  To download the full CFTP Study Guide, please register, sign on and then return to the CFTP Study Guide page.