CFTP Video Training

Over two hours of managed file transfer video training is available to candidates who have paid the CFTP certification fee. (To view all videos, please sign on.)

Introduction to CFTP (2:23) – Quick overview of the CFTP program.
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Managed File Transfer Concepts (16:44) – Covers proper use of MFT, clients and servers, data at rest and data in motion, encryption, hashing, PKI and IPv4 and IPv6.

Basic Protocols (26:06) – Covers FTP, FTPS, SFTP and SCP.

Advanced Protocols (21:31) – Covers HTTP, HTTPS, advanced web-based file transfers, WebDAV, email and NDM (Connect:DIRECT).

Applicability Statement Protocols (15:44) – Covers AS1, AS2 and AS3.

Accelerated File Transfer (5:20) – Covers UDP-based file acceleration and related techniques.

File Synchronization and Sharing (11:00) – Covers “ad hoc” file transfer and collaboration.

“At Rest” Encryption (6:02) – Covers file encryption including OpenPGP, SMIME and “Zip” encryption.

File Transfer Operations (17:56) – Covers troubleshooting, SLAs, and automation.