CFTP Purchase and Pricing

Order Online

(Alternate link to Square-based store for US-based customers.)

Purchasing Outside the United States

From Europe (Including the United Kingdom)

Managed file transfer consulting firm Pro2col runs the CFTP program programme in Europe under the direction of James Lewis, CFTP.

Elsewhere (Including India)

We can accept direct payments worldwide through PayPal.

Pricing and Bulk CFTP Orders

The list price for a CFTP certification with PDF copies of the official study guide and online training is $299US.  Discount pricing is available for quantities of 5 or more, perfect for corporations, governments and NGOs that would like to purchase CFTP training for their entire managed file transfer teams.

2015-2018 CFTP Pricing
(Valid From Apr 1, 2015 through Mar 31, 2018)

  • $299 each for 1-4 CFTPs
  • 20% off for 5-9 CFTPs ($239 each or $1,195 for 5)
  • 25% off for 10-19 CFTPs ($224 each or $2,240 for 10)
  • 30% off for 20-49 CFTPs ($209 each or $4,180 for 20)
  • 35% off for 50-99 CFTPs ($194 each or $9,700 for 50)
  • 40% off for 100+ CFTPs ($179 each or $17,900 for 100)

To obtain bulk pricing a standard PO/invoice process can be used, or we can issue a special code to use with a credit card at our web stores. Bulk CFTP licenses can be held in inventory until used, and can be assigned through email from authorized contacts rather than through the credit-card based process aimed at individual buyers. Prepackaged printed materials are also available for individual learners, team sessions and references.

For more information or to get the process started, please contact CFTP Program Lead Jonathan Lampe for US and non-European purchases, and Pro2col for European purchases.