• Study Guide v1.2 Published

    Thanks to some hard work by Pro2col CFTP trainer Richard Auger, a new version of the official CFTP study guide has just been published. The revised v1.2 guide includes some extra material on file transfer operations, the new logo from 2017, and corrections to the AS* graphics and other areas. However, the new operations material will not affect the current “version 1” CFTP examination.

    The v1.2 will likely be the last “version 1” study guide published for the CFTP program. We are hard at work on “version 2” material, a revision that will update all training and the exam. Before that version is released, we will also be switching exam providers and will start offering the existing training on a new “learning management system” (or “LMS”). The new training will take advantage of a full LMS with additional video and examples to help students learn the material and try it in context.

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